Here’s a short video of Theresa talking about the catering process to help make your event as fantastic as it can be with the best food you’ve ever had catered. 🙂

So the process is actually very simple.

  1. You Call Andres Blue Ribbon BBQ at (607)222-1816.
  2. You say that you want to talk about Andres catering your event, when it is, how many people and so on.
  3. You’re invited in to do a tasting of all the wonderful food you have to choose from.
  4. Theresa and/or Patrick will work with you to make the food at your event all that you want it to be (and more).
  5. We cater your fantastic event with the best food you’ve ever had catered.

Pictures of a Catering Setup from October 2014

We are adaptable to the area that we have to setup the equipment. The pictures below are to give you an idea of what the equipment is, the basic setup and what it looks like, and one possible arrangement of the equipment to serve your event or occasion.

The catering for the pictures below was done at Covered Bridge Gardens in Unadilla, NY. Please note that this was for a party of 90-100 people. They had ordered all four meats plus macaroni salad, cold slaw, and buffalo wing salad. Not pictured are the fresh-brewed tea and other drinks.

This is a picture of the setup from one angle.

This is a picture of the setup from the other end.

Pat is preparing at the far end before the serving begins.

Pat is still preparing before the serving begins. This is more of what the setup could look like for your event.

This is a pan of the Brisket.

This is a tray of Ribs, cut and ready to be served.

This is a picture of a pan of the Chicken.

This is a picture of the Macaroni Salad.

This is a picture of the Buffalo Wing Salad.