Served with 2 sides and a roll
Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, Chicken, Ribs
Our meats are dry rubbed, then slow smoked with apple wood for up to 20 hours.
All of our food is made from scratch, including the sauces and rubs.

rib dinner
1 Meat (no ribs) $12.99
2 Meats 13.99
3 Meats 15.99
4 Meats 16.99
Rib Dinner, 1/2 Rack 17.99
Ribs Only, 1/2 Rack 16.99
Ribs Only, Full Rack 28.99

ChickenAndres Blue RIbbon BBQ RibsPulled PorkBeef Brisket

Patrick talks about the two sauces you can enjoy in Andres Blue Ribbon BBQ (26 Seconds)
  Extra Sauce (2 oz.) (Andre’s BBQ Sauce or Eastern Carolina Pork Sauce) $ .50
  Sandwiches Served on a bun with one side $6.99
Theresa tells the story behind the sauces (2.5 minutes)

2 Sides come with your meal.
Extra Sides are $1.75 each.

AmbrosiaCole SlawCowboy Pinto Beansmacaronisalad
Macaroni Salad Cowboy Pinto Beans
Cole Slaw Baked Sweet Potato
Ambrosia Fruit Salad Cornbread
Cottage Cheese Buffalo Wing Salad

Corn Bread


Green Beans w/ Bacon Roasted Corn
Chili Brown Sugar Carrots

(and whatever else I’m hungry for 🙂 )


[Each]   [Free Refills]
Soda   Iced Tea
V-8   Sweet Tea
Milk   Hot Tea
Chocolate Milk   Coffee
Spring Water   Lemonade
Strawberry Corn Cake Bites

When you dine with us, be sure to enjoy Strawberry Corn Cake Bites after your meal.

All of our meats and sides can be purchased separately. We cater events and special occasions of all types and sizes.